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Bachelorette Etiquette from Victoria's Bites of Life

Bachelorette Etiquette

All About the Bride-to-Be I will go into more detail in the rest of the post, but remember this is all about the bride-to-be.  Unlike the bridal shower, a bachelorette is a group of specially chose girls – her closest girls – who she wants close by to celebrate your friendships before she takes on [Read On]

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Tutorial from Victoria's Bites of Life

DIY Backyard Fire Pit {Tutorial}

I had seen this brilliant DIY project on Pinterest long before we were even looking to be home owners.  I knew our backyard was going to be one of the most important areas of our house and a focal point for entertaining.  In our apartment, a fire pit wasn’t an option so we were super [Read On]

jesse and jackie

Jaclyn’s Bridal Shower

I had the pleasure of not only helping to plan and put together my Jaclyn’s bridal shower, but I had the honor of photographing it as well. The bridal party decided to use hints of mint green along with a rustic, chic theme to compliment Jaclyn’s personal style and the pub venue.  Place cards were [Read On]

Zucchini & Chickpea Patties from Victoria's Bites of Life

Zucchini & Chickpea Patties

I know I have told you this repeatedly, but I really love Greek and Mediterranean food.  Like, a lot.  Borderline obsessed. I have an entire Pinterest board devoted for just Greek recipes (click here to find it) and another board for just zucchini recipes (click here for find that one.)  There is something about a [Read On]

DIY Wedding Twine-Wrapped Monograms from Victoria's Bites of Life

DIY Wedding Twine-Wrapped Monograms

Another weekend, another DIY project!  With Jaclyn’s shower in a few days, and her wedding (and mine!) mere weeks away, I have been receiving frequent texts promising Starbucks, wine, and guacamole in exchange for my craftiness.  I would have said yes regardless, of course, but some bubbly and snacks are always excepted! This was my [Read On]

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